lördag 23 januari 2016

Dragons in New York!

My book Here Be Dragons: Science, Technology and the Future of Humanity is finally out this week! Here in Europe, that is. The publisher has a routine according to which buyers and readers in North America have to wait a couple of more months after the Old World release (which explains the release dates in March given, e.g., by Amazon.com and on Luke Muehlhauser's "books I'm looking forward to" list). Why this needs to be so, in the globalized time of 2016, is unclear to me.

But there have been leaks across the Atlantic. Exactly how many copies there are of Here Be Dragons currently circulating in North America, I do not know, but there are examples that I am aware of. Here is picture proof from a reader who is halfway through the book, having reached Section 5.2 on Atomically precise manufacturing.

    Pages 128-129 of my book. In the background we find the famous Flatiron Building in Midtown Manhattan. A close inspection of the image will reveal that not a snowflake is in sight, so we may conclude that it is taken prior to the arrival in New York of the current snowstorm. Photo by Matilda Palm.

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  1. Arne Söderqvist24 januari 2016 09:46

    Jag vet inte hur pass hemlig din bok var, före den officiella lanseringen. Men läckor är svåra att täta.

    Jag läste just Hugo Lagercrantz nyutkomna bok "Mitt medvetande". Där skriver han att en nobelpristagare i medicin fått veta om att han skulle få priset i förväg. Kommittén, där han själv ingick, var inlåst i ett rum på KI under förhandlingarna och mat var inställd i förväg, så att ingen skulle behöva lämna rummet. Likväl kom beslutet till kännedom i förväg. I England finns det pengar att göra på sådan information. Där pågår ju vadslagning om alla Nobelpris.