torsdag 28 januari 2016

Guest blogger at the OUPblog

The publisher of my newly released book Here Be Dragons: Science, Technology and the Future of Humanity is Oxford University Press. As part of the marketing their books, they also run the OUPblog, where their authors are given the opportunity to contribute blog posts on topics related to the books. Today, the last in a series of three blog posts of mine was published at OUPblog. These are my three posts: While the last two posts, on the phenomenon of robot consciouness and what it entails (and does not entail) for us humans, are closer related to each other than to the first, all three can be read independently. The first post summarizes the main message of my book concerning the extreme dangers that may be involved in future technologies and the importance of acting with foresight. Readers who understand both English and Swedish may compare that post to my recent op-ed in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, and will then find how closely the two texts follow each other.

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