fredag 19 september 2014

Superintelligence odds and ends: index page

Nick Bostrom's Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies is such an important, interesting and thought-provoking book that it has taken me several blog posts to comment on it. Here, to help the reader find her way in my writings on this topic, I provide a list of links to these posts, plus a few others.

After two initial mentions of Bostrom's book when it had just been released in July this year... ...I posted my review of the book on September 10: I then quickly followed up my review with a sequence of five blog posts with further comments on the book, under the joint heading Superintelligence odds and ends: That exhausts, for the time being, my list of blog posts devoted explicitly to Bostrom's Superintelligence, but I have a large number of further blog posts that treat the same or closely related topics as his book, such as the following: For those readers who, due to their weak or non-existent knowledge of Swedish, feel prevented from reading some of these posts, perhaps Google Translate can provide some assistance. Its translations are neither beautiful, nor perfectly accurate, but in many cases they can help readers identify the gist of a blog post.

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  1. As an additional service to those of my readers who prefer English to Swedish, I have added the tag "in English" to the list of tags that can be found by scorlling down to the bottom of the page. Currently there are, all in all, 16 blog posts that qualify for that tag, but my plan is that there will be more in the future.