fredag 22 april 2016

My visit yesterday at the European Parliament in Brussels

Yesterday I was in Brussels to take part in a hearing at the European Parliament, organized by their Committee on Legal Affairs, on the topic of Legal and ethical aspects of robotics and artificial intelligence. An official is now available. The hearing (which in my humble opinion was overall very interesting) begins around 54:30 into the recording. My prepared statement on the long term risks of artificial intelligence runs from about 2:12:00 to 2:27:00. Immediately after that, Niel Bowerman from the Future of Humanity Institute in Oxford made his statement addressing similar questions, which was followed at about 2:43:40 by a Q-and-A session at which I picked up on a few of the questions.

The hearing was in the morning. After lunch I was given the opportunity to give a seminar on Science, Technology, and the Future of Humanity (based on my recent book Here Be Dragons) organized by the European Parliament political group known as The Greens/European Free Alliance. In contrast to the hearing, the seminar was not documented, other than by the poster announcement and the following photograph of me together with MEP Max Andersson who hosted the event.

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